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  • December 19, 2021 : The 1st Japan Croatia Film Festival was successfully held. Thank you all for your participation and support. See you next year on the 2nd Japan Croatia Film Festival!
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We are looking forward to the day when many Japanese movie lovers will enjoy the "1st Japan Croatia Film Festival" organized by the Japan Croatia Society. Croatia is located at the crossroads of various cultures and religions and has a rich and challenging history. Croatia is a world-famous tourist destination with its natural beauty, cultural heritage and excellent athletes. The Croatian films got their inspiration in all already mentioned. So at the end of this challenging 2021, join us this festival and enjoy some of Croatia's finest cinematographic creations.
I am looking forward to seeing you all and we will welcome you from the bottom of our hearts.

Dražen Hrastić, Croatian Ambassador to Japan

The Japan Croatia Society aims to build a deeper bond between Croatia and Japan through culture, art, sports, technology and commerce. For this occasion, we will introduce Croatian films at the 1st Japan Croatian Film Festival. Since each film reflects the background of the times and various cultural elements, I do hope the Japanese public will know more about Croatia and get interested in it through the film works made in Croatia. Our inspiration for organizing the 1st Japan Croatia Film Festival is driven by the belief that mutual understanding will result in the bilateral exchange between both countries and contribute to the further development.
I am looking forward to seeing you all.

Edouard Katayama Tripković, Representative Director of Japan Croatia Society


Fishing and Fishermen’s conversations

Ribanje i ribarsko prigovaranje


Based on one of Croatia's most acclaimed literary works during the Renaissance, it is set on the idyllic Adriatic coast of the 16th century. Petar, a noble and poet, goes out to sea and goes from island to island, suffering from memories of the conflict between fellow aristocrats and the commoners, and the tragic love of his youth, who is still stuck in his head. It will take several days to sail. With a gorgeous cast and award-winning soundtrack, this work brings precious books to life and tells the story of a bygone with stunning footage.


"Fishing and Fisherman's Conversations" is a feature film based on the book of the same name by Petar Hektorović. The stage is Hvar Island in Croatia in the 16th century. The 67-year-old aristocratic poet Petar Hektrović embarks on a three-day voyage with local fishermen Pascoj and Nicola. As the islands roam, the old poet remembers the tragic love of his youth, reconciling his artistic (non-)abilities. Likewise, the problematic relationship between the nobles and the commoners will escalate, despite the effects of the recent rebellion. Filmed in the Adriatic Sea, reality, memory, dreams, and illusions are intricately intertwined, and it is a story of tragic love by the hindsight of an old poet.

  • Director : Milan TRENC
  • Stars : Rade ŠERBEDŽIJA, Leon LUČEV
  • Year of production : 2020
  • Running time : 97 min.
  • Genre : Fiction / Historical Drama
  • Eirin ratings : PG-12
    (Parental Guidance Requested for children under the age of 12.)

Accidental Luxuriance of the Translucent Watery Rebus

Slučajna raskoš prozirnog vodenog rebusa


This interestingly titled movie, which entered the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature from Croatia, takes viewers on a journey closer to dystopia. The protagonist reveals the secrets of the system in which he lives and officially becomes a "man who knows too much", which upsets a mediocre life. Combining black-and-white animation with vibrant color shots, this film is Croatia's best animation sequence and a necessary source of thought for the first time in a while.


Martin tried to fight the system but is currently running. Sarah is a conceptual artist. Together they join a revolutionary commune in the countryside. Police are on their way. Inspector Ambroz knows that the right question is more important than the answer. Maybe none of this is true.
This movie is a paranoid metafiction created under the influence of pop art, whose roots are drawn from noir style, commercial art, photographic collages and surrealism. It looks beautiful and miraculous. Barić's original work takes advantage of the unique spirit of this chaotic moment in human history. The dialectic of aesthetics inspires this lyrical, philosophical and delusional speculative metafiction. The film is solarized, observed with a rotating mirror, and beautifully composed.

  • Director : Dalibor BARIĆ
  • Voices : Rakan RUSHAIDAT, Ana VILENICA
  • Year of production : 2020
  • Running time : 81 min
  • Genre : Anime
  • Eirin ratings : G
    (General Audiences - All ages admitted.)

Tune Up

Po tamburi


It is set in the annual competition of Tamburica, a traditional Croatian musical instrument. When the Grand Award disappears, the “Aveti Ravnice” tamburica band is suspected of being the culprit and have to find an exit. Full of music and shot in the beautiful Croatian landscape, “Tune up" is an exquisite mix of action and comedy.


The Legendary announcer of the famous radio show "Our Beautiful Land", Branko Uvodić has called the famous tamburica band in Croatia and abroad to the 50th Anniversary of Golden Wire Music Festival in Požega.
On the plains of Slavonia, the main vocalist self-proclaimed frontman Tambure, former warrior Labud, contrabass player Lesi, obese bisernica(the smallest tamburica) player Tekut and songwriter Krleža.
The city of Požega's large sports hall is filled with hundreds of Tamburica bands from Croatia and the surrounding area and the excited public. Charismatic Branko Uvodić has announced a wonderful best band award for a 3.5kg heavy ham sculpture made of 24K gold. Surrounded by all the bands on stage, Branko holds a heavy trophy overhead with both hands, and the audience is enthusiastic. Suddenly, when the lights shot out, screams were heard, and when the lights turned on again, Mr. Branko was standing on the stage empty-handed.

  • Director : Stanislav TOMIĆ
  • Stars : Tijana PEČENČIĆ, Momčilo OTAŠEVIĆ
  • Year of production : 2021
  • Running time : 80 min
  • Genre : Action Comedy
  • Eirin ratings : G
    (General Audiences - All ages admitted.)

Lada Kamenski

Lada Kamenski


his unique film depicts a young director aiming to make a film on the decline and closure of the Kamensko clothes factory in Zagreb. He invites three famous actresses to his apartment to find the principal actress to audition. However, things go in a surprising direction. Based on the true story of the economic scandal that shook the Croatian people in 2010, Lada Kamenski won the 2018 Pula Film Festival (Best Screenplay Award, Best Actress Award, Best Film Debut Award). The movie also won awards at several international film festivals.
"Lada Kamenski" is a collaboration between young Croatian director Sara Hribar (this is the first feature film) and Marko Šantić (this is the second feature film). The movie won four awards at the Pula Film Festival (Croatia), including Hribar's Best Rookie of the Year Award and Best Screenplay Award. This movie was performed at the International Premiere in Montreal.


The name Lada Kamenski belongs to a fictional character that the viewer believes. She is a former employee of the historic Kamensko clothing factory in Zagreb. She is the aunt of the young film director Frano (Frano Mašković), the film's main character. He will be filming her film as a central figure in a story about the collapse of a factory, auditioning three middle-aged actresses famous for Croatian movies and plays: Ksenija. Marinković, Nataša Dorčić, and Doris Šarić-Kukuljica.
In addition to the audition tapes where the three actresses talked about their roles and dislike of auditions, Frano chooses an unusual rehearsal method to identify the right person for casting. Invite the three to his home for an "informal gathering" without telling anyone that others are coming.
The three gathered at Frano's house, enjoying cheese and Moroccan wine, trying to convince the director that they are the only ones who deserve the lead role, even though each actress has professed to be a colleague (usually catching the director in the kitchen). On the other hand, they each have family and romance problems, which they try to resolve by their mobile phones. Things heat up as the boundaries between rehearsals and informal conversations blur and the ego soars.

  • Directors : Sara HRIBAR, Marko ŠANTIĆ
  • Stars : Frano MAŠKOVIĆ, Ksenija MARINKOVIĆ, Nataša DORČIĆ
  • Year of production : 2018
  • Running time : 75 min
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Eirin ratings : G
    (General Audiences - All ages admitted.)


 December 17th (Fri.)  December 18th (Sat.)  December 19th (Sun.)
11:35 [30 min*+97 min]
* After the ceremony (approximately 30 minutes), the film will be screened.

Fishing and Fishermen’s conversations

10:30 [97 min]
Fishing and Fishermen’s conversations
10:30 [75 min]
Lada Kamenski
12:40 [81 min]
Accidental Luxuriance of the Translucent Watery Rebus
12:20 [80 min]
Tune Up
14:25 [80 min]
Tune Up
14:35 [75 min]
Lada Kamenski
14:15 [81 min]
Accidental Luxuriance of the Translucent Watery Rebus
16:20 [81 min]
Accidental Luxuriance of the Translucent Watery Rebus
16:25 [80 min]
Tune Up
16:10 [97 min]
Fishing and Fishermen’s conversations


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